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Prairie Bank of Kansas

Consumer Credit Cards

World Card and Preferred Points Card

When you choose our Preferred Points card, you will receive a low introductory rate in addition to flexible reward options to treat yourself. Earn one point for every $1 spent on your credit card, up to 10,000 points per month, and you can redeem your points to receive rewards.

Complete the credit card application and return the form to your bank.

  • 3,000 Point Bonus: 1,000 points per month will be given as a reward for purchases made on the first three billing statements.
  • Travel: Have a variety of travel options to choose from including free round-trip flights, discounted air fare, free hotel stay, cruises, and much more!
  • Cash Back: Have the convenience of cash when you want it most!
  • Gift Cards and Merchandise: Choose from hundreds of brand-name items in electronics, jewelry, appliances, or select a gift card from your favorite restaurant or retailer.

Low-Rate Card

Choosing our Low-Rate card, gives you the advantage of having purchasing power at your fingertips when you need it most. Whether you use it for shopping, repairs, tuition, or bills, you will have the peace-of-mind of convenient purchases on a card with a competitive interest rate.

Complete the credit card application and return the form to your bank.